Sarah Unsworth, the owner of Southern Natal Construction, and John Nicholas, the owner of Jesjo Business Enterprises, are two well established and experienced builders on the KZN South Coast.  They have now combined their skills and entered into a joint venture, covering all aspects of home building.

Honesty, transparency and trust form the basis of the relationships with their clients and the results speak for themselves…

We know our key value is offering our clients peace of mind which we believe is extremely important – and is in fact the key motivation throughout the project.

We really understand how our clients trust us to change their lives and build the home they have been planning and dreaming of sometimes for many years.  It is an honour which we take seriously and at the same time we really enjoy what we do!  Every project is an inspiration, from a single bathroom to a 7 bedroom new home. They are all exciting and meaningful to both of us.”


Our Address:

10 Emtunzi Drive, Uvongo, KZN, South Africa


-30.8423074, 30.3758346



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