Today one can easily get lost in the information world.  There is Google, Yahoo and many more search engines.  No one can argue that Google is the biggest of all, that is why people already dont talk of searching something on the internet but “Google It”.  And it is here where all misconceptions begin – people start thinking if your information is on Google everybody will know about you.  I am sorry but that is not the case.  There are millions of cafés in the world and everyday more and more are listed, to think you are going to list your service/business on Google and tomorrow everyone will know about you, think again it is not going to happen.

It is the same with Facebook and all the other social media.  We not at saying don’t put your information on Google, Facebook and have your own Website.  It is important to have your own website, make sure it is on Google, it’s good to have a Facebook page as it gives you more exposure.  The problem is making sure people will find your website and your Facebook page.

It is here where City Info fills the gap. We are busy establishing a personalised directory in each city of South Africa to centralise all information.  We are currently appointing Agents in each and every city or town to serve that community.  From our directory we can direct people to your webpage, Facebook, Instagram and any social media where you are listed.

A main feature of City Info is that when people have no name to search they can easily find you on keywords, categories, location or direct map.  We are the only directory that gives you a user friendly and well organized search of City councils / Local Governance, Malls, Centres, Emergency Services and businesses per city.

After all the Name Says It All CITY INFO !