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General FAQ

What makes City Info the ( no. 1 ) Information Directory in South Africa ?

All the information on City Info is ONLY relevant to the type of business or service of a specific town/city in which the search is conducted. ONLY businesses with services nationwide will be listed in more than one town/city.

Who can upgrade / change my information ?

We are in the process of recruiting agents throughout South Africa.  A photo and details of all our area agents appears / will appear on our web-site.

Our advanced listing option gives each client the right to change all his information or photos at NO EXTRA COST !!


Is City Info an Information or Advertising Company ?

City Info is not an Advertising Company. This means that professionals such as Doctors, Dentists, Vets etc. can list their practices on City Info in the same way as in the well known printed telephone directory.

What is the difference between Online and Offline ?


People with access to a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone with internet have direct access to all the info on our web-site.



Most people have limited access to internet (e.g. work or home) therefore our offline disk provides all the info and / or detail of businesses in a specific town/city. These disks are updated every 3-4 months or as the need arises.

City Info vs. Printed Media ?

Most printed media ends up in the dustbin, used as “fire lighters” or is nowhere to be found when needed. City Info though is always available on your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. 

Why City Info ?

City Info is the only information directory that is up to date with all the basic information on businesses in towns/cities in South Africa where we launch.  We aim to appoint a dedicated Agent in every City to serve the community.

What are the cost implications ?

Listing your business contact number is FREE!


For more advanced listings please visit "How to Register"  - we can put you on the map with full details, photos and much, much more ......

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